DAO-Senatorial Council

We are a small DAO organization found by artists, geeks and ICP enthusiasts based in Europe. Aimed at enriching our community with interesting contents, we decided to launch a new NFT – Thanat0s. More than a token, Thanat0s is a status symbol for our DAO; but our vision doesn’t stop here.

In the near future, we will release a series of original stories, accompanied by devilish-style illustration books. It’ll be the first comic illustration book published by NFT on the internet.

Our book is composed of 5 chapters, and it will be airdropped to all NFT holders. Our illustrator based in Italy have started working their creative juices, and soon the first publication will be available!

Furthermore, we will launch a coordinating card game which is build upon our book.  Owner/supporters of the first-generation Thanat0s will receive in-game benefits and special discounts.


Our enthusiasm motivates us to go far and beyond! As the name Thanat0s suggests, we want to make it truly godly. Through an all-seeing eye, we strive to be the most imaginative and powerful ICP community.

Thanat0s enabled with basic interactions is just the beginning, we came up with the coolest idea imaginable: we will make Thanat0s a creature that can be controlled by the entire DAO organization! And as the owner, you’ll become part of Thanat0s.

In the prototype it’s just a one-eyed NFT, but in the future it will provide interfaces and communication stations to owners which will allow full control.

After completion of research and beta test, We will launch an even larger amount of new-Thanat0s-2nd gen NFT.  The first generation of 666 council elders will get a free airdrop, and there will be even greater individual voting weight and more noticeable special effects!

The function of the 2nd-gen Thanat0s will change according to the actions of each NFT owner,including the newcomers, These actions are processed by all the owners, controlling all its “eyes” to respond in unison.

In this way we can use its reactions to determine everything about our DAO and it can also communicate with individual neurons separately.

Imagine you and the other members with NFT, peering and communicating through a mysterious eye; it’ll be as legendary as stories of unique swords and knights from ancient times!

The ordinary saga ends here, but if you dare to dream, together we can envision things more amazing!

For example, the launch of a 3rd-gen of artificial intelligence, one that can communicate with people: the attendant of aiNFT-Thanat0s.

It will have a completely different look, it will be housed on your desktop, speak to you and do basic tasks; slowly learning the wisdom of mankind.

After data training, the Thanat0s attendant, our Thanat0s Hell eyes will have finally began to gain knowledge, eventually becoming a cyber-creature with its own will!

Its wisdom comes from all the owners of our Nft, and its behavior depends entirely on our collective daily interactions with it.

In this moment, We will have finally summoned the cyber-creature Thanatos, the Eye of Hell, who inherited our will.

This is the ultimate vision and goal of our DAO.

— —

At the end of the story, this is where the legendary Dao-Thanat0s fulfills its historic quest.

The legend begins with 666 mysterious Thanat0s-elders in the dark ages of chaos.

Like the knights’ round table, 0 is also the beginning of infinity.

The newly resurrected ancient god – Thanat0s will continue to write its legend in the abyss of ICP.

And this legend will soon open its prelude!

Follow us, seize this opportunity and together we’ll witness the resurrection of Thanat0s!

The old king of the world,
New century host.

We are the earliest supporters of the deep ic-net.

We are the senators of web.3.

We have the power and will change everything.